Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Video

A change of pace here. Adobe just released Photoshop CS5 and their new Content-Aware Fill takes digital retouching to a new level. Is there an annoying person or object in the background of your picture? Simply lasso the object you want to remove, select the Content-Aware Fill option, and let the program work its magic.

There are dozens of other nifty features, but this one looks like the killer app.

Photoshop CS5 is $699 for the new program and $599 for an upgrade from previous versions.


Jennifer said...

This is an amazing yet frightening tool. I'm already imagining how easy it will be to convincingly fake photographs without anyone knowing. These kind of things always make me think of the book "The Commissar Vanishes".

The Concrete Commentator said...

wow.. your right! It is killer. very cool

Anonymous said...

I want this tool for the lens flare fix alone..., but there is no substitute for a good photo... !!! (I hope) hehehe

Fredde Ahlstrom said...

Amazing!!! That could lead to a whole new digital art genre. Pick any image, scan any object and let Content-Aware Fill create for you.
Very cool stuff.

Letterpress said...


Now if I can just find the cash to cover the cost. That's usually why I spend more time (a selling feature of this new gizmo) is because I have less money to spend this direction.

But still . . . covet.