Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seen in London

In London on my way to exhibiting at Paris Photo.

I was a little surprised to walk into the underground and see this poster for a painting show at The National Portrait Gallery. It certainly caught my eye, but I wonder what the conservatively inclined would make of it back home. It always perplexes me when the land of liberty is more conservative than the land of the monarchy. And will this be another "offensive and explicit" post that will keep Facebook from allowing people to link to this blog?


Wolfgang said...

Saucy girl. That white alabaster skin, well that's very English, isn't it?

THG said...

Its funny, as a Londoner I didn't even register this poster as particularly naughty. Perhaps its because our biggest selling tabloid still has a picture of a topless woman on page 3. It certainly is one way to attract visitors