Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Save The Date - September 15

Gloria Swanson, 1924.

You're all invited to our opening show of the season. Thursday, 6 to 8 p.m..

The show features 80 iconic Edward Steichen 8x10 contact prints made by the renowned photographer George Tice who was Steichen's last printer. In addition to the Steichens we are showing 12 rarely seen George Tice photographs in our Print Room, and George - who is truly one of photography's living legends as well as an incredibly nice guy - will be there. More on George later.

Gary Cooper, 1928.

VOGUE Fashion. 1920s.

Gertrude Lawrence, 1928.

Charlie Chaplin, 1928.


Heather Robinson said...

Oh my, I am extra sad to miss this show. The very first photo book that I bought was "Edward Steichen, A life in photography" when I was...15? Or so. It shaped my eye and I am still so in love with the balance between the hard and the soft in his work.

Johan said...

Wish I could attend this exhibition. Great chronicle of inspiring icons.

Josefine Laul said...

I like this alot!

a reference said...

I absolutely loved ths exhibit. It was currated wonderfully!

Steichen is one of my favorite photographers. I studied his work and photography during my last year of college.

This exhibit really made me want to be more involved with photography again.

I wish I could buy a print, but I blogged about it!