Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Of all the snaps I've taken, this one seems to provoke the most visceral response!

It was taken around noon on August 28th as Hurricane Irene hit the south shore of Long Island. It's the view from the living room of our house on The Great South Bay, and amazingly, the water stopped about 1/4 inch short of flooding the house. What you see in this picture is The Great South Bay, and then what little lawn we have between the house and the bay.

We were very lucky.


Joe Holmes said...

It was strange to find myself in Los Angeles when NYC was hit with an earthquake. And then we started hearing about the hurricane. Luckily, my 20-year-old was in Brooklyn to hold down the fort. Strange times.

Say, I notice you've changed from Danziger Projects to Danziger Gallery. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to your fall lineup!

Heather Robinson said...

Nothing like a good scare to appreciate all that we have but truly? A 1/4 inch is perhaps pushing the point a bit much! So glad to hear that no damage occurred...what an incredible view that must be under ordinary circumstances...