Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Dance Goes On

Some of you may remember this post I did a few months ago about the above Muybridge gravure. Well so did the folks at 20 x 200 - a great web business which specializes in high quality but low cost photographs and prints. Founder Jen Bekman (we're mutual admirers) read the post and asked me if they could do an edition and as: a) it's long been in the public domain, and b) I believe it's an image well worth sharing - I agreed, thus launching their first reproduction as opposed to original art edition.

20 x 200's formula is simple - they create an edition with large numbers of small prints at a super-reasonable cost, and as the print gets bigger the edition size decreases while the cost goes up. So you can get an 8 x 10" print for $20 and larger prints anywhere from $200 to above $2,000 depending on the work and size.

The Muybridge sold out immediately in the 8 x 10, is close to selling out in the 16 x 20 (at $200), but there are still a number available in the 11 x 14 size (at $50). If you're interested you can click here to view and/or buy. As I say in their text - it's now going to be my own go-to wedding present for friends embarking on married life!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, JD. I got it as a gift for Alex....dancing with her is one of my favorite things to do.....


g+m said...

whimper . . . i LOVE this photo/series, and if I'd seen it for the $20 . . . $50 is so much to spend. =(

g+m said...

Aaaand . . . I decided to get it. And I posted about it.

Caption. said...


I posted about Muybridge a bit ago, as well. Fascinating stuff!

I enjoy your blog, keep it up! :)