Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tokyo Photo - The List

I have been asked by the organizers of Tokyo Photo to engage in a discussion with the famous editor and art director Masanobu Sugatsuke on the subject "How to survive as a photographer on 2010s".

As part of this, I made up a list of 10 different photographers whose careers I felt offered some guidance. Each are relatively new (or at least particularly modern and original) to the photo scene and each have developed incredibly successful careers. So for easy reference, I wanted to post a list on the blog so people could easily reference the names.

In no particular order they are:

Ryan McGinley

The Sartorialist

Massimo Vitali

Juergen Teller

Alec Soth

Richard Learoyd

Idris Khan

Tim Walker

Sze Tsung Leong

Susan Derges


Won J Heo said...

I enjoyed the talk today at Tokyo Photo 2010. Thank you.
You emphasized 'modern' several times. Are you using that word 'modern' as similar meaning with 'something new'? If different, could you please explain a little bit more, the meaning of 'modern' in your talk? :-)

The Year in Pictures said...

Thank you Colin. The list was done in haste but corrections have been made.


Joe Holmes said...

I tried my best, but I can't argue with your list (though there are a couple names I don't know).

Raul Bonatiu said...

your list helped me to descover new photographers! Thanx!

J. Wesley Brown said...

@Won - I thought the same thing when I read the last post. I think James means "contemporary" and not modern.

@James - Did you mention the odd fact that Ryan McGinley's was the last career to be launched by a museum (in 2003), rather than museums following the galleries for show ideas? I'm constantly surprised that no one points this out.