Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Cool Is This?

Yesterday, my new friend Mr. Masanori Hashimoto was kind enough to give me the latest version of the Ricoh GR Digital camera. It's a camera with a cult following based on it's lightness, speed, and quality. I've just started to try it out and it seems great, but the coolest thing of all (to me) is a function called "Skew Correct Mode". Turn it on to this mode, take a picture, and the camera looks for an object with four corners which it will then correct the perspective on. If you don't like the four corners it has selected press an arrow and it goes to the next option of a four cornered object. Select "O.K." and the camera instantaneously processes the image to crop and straighten the perspective. For a blogger like me this is heaven!

Here's an example, below. This photograph is on the wall of my hotel room. In "skew" mode it can pick out the whole triptych or just one part. I selected just the middle. Hit the button - and voila! I'm now saying the GR stands for "Gallery Robot". Very Japanese.

The straight shot.

What the camera did to the above shot in "skew" mode!

My new best friend, Masanori Hashimoto of Ricoh.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!

Andreas Weber said...

A typical feature of about any other Ricoh compact as well (R5..R10, CX2..CX4) and useful not only for bloggers: Shooting e.g. a whiteboard after a business meeting is much easier if it doesn't have to be perfectly perpendicular (furniture in the way, flash reflection ...)!
Btw., I love my CX3 not only for that feature.

Angela C said...

I'll be the first to admit I adore all of these new gadgets from Japan. I have to hurry out to K&M to see if they have this one in stock.