Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bill Dane

Also seen at the "Exposed" exhibition at the Tate Modern, this late 70s/early 80s picture by Bill Dane seems every bit as good as the picture it reminds me of, "Satiric Dancer" by Andre Kertesz.

Satiric Dancer by Andre Kertesz. 1927.


Anonymous said...

A bit of trivia that may be apropos of the theme...Garry Winogrand appears in the background of that Bill Dane photo (though the reproduction here is too dark to make him out).

martin said...

They are very different, and it's an interesting comparison. The Kertesz is by far more complex and nuanced than the Dane. The former is a playful dance of forms in depth and the latter a frontal depiction of a contorted stripper, more two dimensional, more primitive--like a Matisse.