Friday, July 24, 2009

(500) Pairs of Summer

I said I would post occasionally, and a recent visit to a shoe store in Southampton with my wife offered up this picture sent in by one of their loyal customers. You can read it as a celebration of summer or as evidence of excessive consumption, but either way it has the charm and vitality of much of vernacular photography - and gives quite a taste of summer in this rain-sodden time. (Taken on my iPhone, you'll need to click on the picture to get the full effect.)

One of the funniest photo albums I ever saw was a collection of snapshots put together by the staff of Sotheby's in London where people had sent in snaps of the object they wanted to sell. But like "Antiques Roadshow - Home Edition" these real-life snaps were things like a drunken family gathering and in the background was the intended consignment - a vase on the mantelpiece above Aunt Edna's head. This was years ago, but if I can ever track it down I'll be sure to post the highlights.


Joe Holmes said...

What a delightful snapshot!

David Wright said...

It's a funny picture but I can't help to let my realistic feelings get the best of me.

How many pairs of sandals does one need? There are millions of people all over the world who have no footwear and this person has 32!

Ending on a lighter note, I enjoy your blog a good portion of the time, James, so thank you.

Jennifer said...

I love this photo! It doesn't surprise me at all that a woman in Southampton would have 32 pairs of Jack Rogers sandals, but it does scare me that I could recognize them at 50 paces.

That Sotheby's album sounds fabulous! I really love all things vernacular and can only imagine how funny these images must be.

I hope the rain that's hitting LI tomorrow doesn't make its way out to the East End; enjoy yourselves in either case.