Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Fall (and Rise) of Jennifer Lawrence

This was the visual that stuck with me long after the disappointment of a boring (and puerile) Oscars, and after checking in on Facebook I see I was not the only one. Via Trey Speegle, a post on how artist P.E. Sharpe challenged other artists to do their own interpretation of the fall of Jennifer Lawrence. Top - the original photograph by Kevin Winter of Getty Images. Middle - Peregrine Honig's response; and bottom - Sharpe's own version.

If you're going to trip and fall in front of millions if not billions of viewers, probably best to do it on your way to picking up an Oscar!


Joe Holmes said...

Oh, what a great meme! Lawrence's pose there on the steps as she catches herself -- her dress, the light, the posture -- evokes all sorts of tragic stories. It's like a classic painting.

Tomatoes From Canada said...

We have to count on Lawrence's sense of humour.
Nice to have you back, Mr. Danziger.