Monday, May 7, 2012

Evelyn Hofer

59th Street, New York. 1964.

It's always interesting to see the work of one photographer through the eyes of another and I often point out work that I think would interest various artists I represent. I recently got a big thumb's up from The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) on the work of Evelyn Hofer - whose first New York retrospective we are opening on May 10.

During her lifetime, Evelyn was called “the most famous unknown photographer in America” by New York Times critic Hilton Kramer - an accurate description because fame was simply not an issue for her. Prickly, reclusive, and a perfectionist, her interest – which I think is the same as Scott’s – was to dignify and appreciate every person she photographed in beautifully composed images.

Alternating between color and black and white, Evelyn was most active in the 1960s and 1970s, but her pictures look older than that. Two of Scott’s favorite pictures – one of a French and one of a New York policeman have an old time glamour that make them look like they could have come from Hollywood movies of the 1940s.

Looking at these photographs Scott said “I see something that makes me wish I had been shooting at that time and place.” - which is exactly what I think people will say 50 years from now looking at Scott's pictures!

The Evelyn Hofer show opening is on Thursday, May 10, 6 - 8 p.m. at Danziger Gallery, 527 West 23rd Street, and all are welcome.

Paris, 1967.

Phoenix Park on a Sunday. Dublin, 1966.

Lee Krasner's Shoes. Pollock Studio, Long Island. 1988.


Unknown said...

waw, amazing pictures ! Love the shoes :)


Alice Olive said...

Love the shot of the shoes.

Joe Holmes said...

I knew that image of soccer players looked familiar. I've already got your postcard taped to my wall -- I must have picked it up at AIPAD or at your gallery.

Can't wait for the show. Her portraits are a real inspiration.

Heather Robinson said...

I especially love the vibrancy of her color work--I just finally bought Ernst Haas' "Color Corrections" and there is some of that same iconic imagery here, no?

Have a great opening!

Frank said...

I've always loved her work. Her 'travel' books on various countries are marvelous. I think 'Ireland' is my fave. Are you showing the pic of a young girl on the street on a bike looking back over her shoulder at camera? Is there a printed catalogue to go with the show? If so, how much including postage to Canada?

Sy said...

these are great

Joe Holmes said...

Here's what I miss about your old gallery location up on 25th street: I can no longer peek into your office in the back to say hi and tell you how much I enjoyed the show. The Hofer prints are wonderful -- in fact I was shocked at how much more vivid and compelling they are than the images in Steidl's Hofer book. I've visited the show twice and I'm ready to go back again.

Virginia L said...

I love the French policeman. Douceur, sympathie et nostalgie.