Monday, April 9, 2012

A Sweet Note

There are many wonderful things in the iGavel auction of photographs from the collection of Dody Weston Thompson (ending tomorrow - Tuesday - so act fast.) Dody was the ex-wife of Brett Weston, a protege of his father Edward Weston, a co-founder of Aperture, and a skilled photographer herself.

The Weston men were legendary womanizers, but there is one auction lot in particular which sheds an endearing light on Brett's character. A Christmas card he sent to Dody showing himself in front of his new ranch house has the handwritten inscription on the reverse "A happy Xmas for Dody - with warm memories of five wonderful years, Brett. PS am sending you a thousand dollars in a few Days."

I don't really know much about their relationship, but there seems to me to be a fondness and a generosity to the note not often found in cards to the ex!


Anonymous said...

Thanks James.

Anonymous said...

this is lovely!!!