Monday, April 16, 2012

Color Chart

If you ever wondered why a certain shade of blue is called "royal" - British VOGUE's helpful and witty chart should explain why. The magazine noted every outfit worn by the Queen over the last year and found that 29 per cent of the coats, dresses, suits and hats she wore over the last 12 months were predominantly blue..

Although not a color, floral was next with 13 per cent, followed by green and cream each at 11 per cent. Pink and purple - 10 per cent - red, yellow, orange - four per cent - and black - two per cent - were next.

Whatever the color choice, it's clear the Queen is aware of the visual impact she makes - a boon to royal photographers.


Anonymous said...

Great editorial idea. Must've been interesting to hear the debate on whether to categorize an outfit as cream or beige. Isn't beige just dark cream? Cream just light beige?


Joe Holmes said...

That's wonderful! And such a gorgeous poster.

antique engagement rings said...

Love the chart ... fantastic!