Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Some things come into your mailbox and make you smile. For me it's this collage announcing Duncan Hannah's forthcoming show at Half Gallery. The juxtaposition of this sexy summery profile with the stodgy Country Life - and their Christmas Number, no less - make for a funny and surreal jolt!

Duncan Hannah, who is best known as a talented realist painter, is one of those artists who I see making their way around the galleries, checking out what's on. I always think this is a good sign - someone not so locked in their garret (or studio) that they can't engage with the world.

Anyway, the show opens June 1 and I certainly plan to check it out. In the meantime, to those in The States - have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Joe Holmes said...

The collages look terrific — sex, humor, nostalgia, all in a glance.

Anonymous said...

The woman's body is from an Emmanuelle 2 movie poster, and more importantly Mr. Danziger.... that is the photographer Francis Giacobetti's image he's ripping off! There are too many painters cashing in on photographic images with no credit given, all under the guise of appropriation (Richard Phillips and Prince for example).

Let's have an entry on this... see where people stand on galleries celebrating plagiarists.